An open letter to Madonna

Dear Madonna,

I was sorry to hear about your fall at the Brit Awards earlier this week. Tough break. But I think that if I were standing on a staircase wearing heels that high and a full-length cape that somebody behind me was pulling on, I’d fall too.

This blog was started to celebrate the real women in my life. I got tired of reading celebrity profiles and hearing about what the stars are doing, what they like, what they’re wearing, etc. when I didn’t know about the joys and fears of the great women in my life.

So, unfortunately, I can’t feature you on my blog as you’re one of those celebrities that we hear about ad nauseum. But I’m writing because I think you might learn something from us  “real” women.

How about giving this a try:  Accept your age, skip the gym for a while, have a glass of wine and a chocolate bar or a bag of chips and enjoy life. It’s free advice – keep or toss, the call is yours.

Madonna falls at Brit Awards


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