Many of my friends have husbands/partners, like mine, who seem to be allergic to home maintenance projects. And the female hardware store clerk in my story (see below) could certainly identify. Now, I’m beginning to think there’s a widespread epidemic of “home maintenance aversion” that’s swooping down on men all over the world.  Please feel free to share similar experiences in comments.


Paint cans

Last fall my husband Ben and I were in the paint section of a hardware store getting supplies for a small project. Here’s what happened:

Me: I’d like one liter of this shade of green please to paint the exterior of my 2 front doors.

Ben: (in a very hopeful voice to the female sales clerk): It’s too late in the season to be doing this, isn’t it?

Clerk: Not at all. Actually, it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold outside to do exterior painting, so the timing is perfect.

Ben, looking disappointed, leaves to explore the store. I say “Thank you” to the clerk and she answers “No worries – I have one just like him at home.”

10 minutes later I pass by the paint counter and the clerk reminds me to pick up my paint.

Me: Yes, but I’m looking for my husband – I know he’s somewhere in the store.

Clerk: Oh, don’t worry. He’s probably shopping for stuff for other projects that he’ll never do.


One thought on “THE HARDWARE STORE

  1. LOL! My husband isn’t quite as bad, he only seems to be allergic to the projects that I want him to do! When it’s something that interests him then he is right on top of it! 🙂


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