This week, Linda G. Hill’s prompt for Stream of Conscious Saturday is the word “rib”.

I CAN’T DO IT … but today I will. Making stream of consciousness writing exercises public just feels wrong . SoC exercises are supposed to be private attempts at nudging the writer within to unleash hidden gems. No one is supposed to see them! So I do them, but confine them to the privacy of my own journal …  then I hide the journal to make sure no one stumbles across it. But to put the crazy ramblings in my head down on paper or up on the screen and subject other people to them???  Like Adam, I’d rather give up a rib.

Even now, I hesitate to press “Publish”.  My hands are sweaty and my stomach’s in a knot, but here we go …

5 thoughts on “SoCS – I CAN’T DO IT…

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