Bus Ticket to Nowhere

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt for August 10th is “where.” Start your post with the word “where” and write whatever comes to you. Bonus points if you end your post with “where” too.

Where did I get the idea? That’s a good question. If I had to pinpoint a time when the seed was planted in my brain, I guess it would be when I lost my job. Well, I didn’t lose it exactly; the powers that be took it away from me. I wasn’t needed anymore, they said. They wish there was another way, but the economy and downsizing were to blame, they said. They couldn’t look me in the eye the entire time of that exit interview. “But you didn’t let everybody go. How did you choose who stayed and who left?” I asked. They didn’t answer, just kept repeating about the need to downsize.

That’s the first time I remember thinking: “I wish I were someone else.”  But it was just a harmless seed, planted deep within my brain. I mean, who hasn’t wished that at one time or another?

Then came the breakup with Joe. You spend two years with a man and he kicks you to the curb like a rabid dog. I’d changed, he said. I wasn’t the same woman I was when we met. I used to be fun, loving and ambitious. But since I lost my job last year, I spend my days moping around the house and haven’t even tried to find a new one. If you ask me, he just wanted someone to pay half the bills.

So there I was,  a grown woman with no job and no home. Who wouldn’t want to be someone or somewhere else? And then I found that wallet. I had every intention of returning it but that little seed began to grow and blossom.  And it was so much easier than I thought!

I took it step-by-step:  New birth certificate and driver’s licence first, then credit cards.  I was anxious, and each day wondered if this was the day police would track me down and question my requests for these documents. But it never happened. And before I knew it, the seed was a flower in full bloom. (It’s ironic that the woman who owned the wallet’s name was Rose. I guess it was a sign.) So I bought a bus ticket to nowhere and now Rose is on the move and Linda can’t be found anywhere.

I don’t usually write fiction, but this is where the prompt took me!

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