#SoCS – I Like the Idea of Dresses …

(This is part of Linda G Hill’s  SoCS)
The prompt for this week is “dress” – use it any way you like.

I like the idea of dresses. Of seeing striking models in the Christmas flyers wearing dresses glittering with gold or silver sparkles.  They wear silky black stockings on their legs and shiny high-heeled patent leather shoes on their feet. Their hair and makeup is perfect and they smile, white teeth flashing against red lipstick, as if someone off-camera has just said something amusing.  I imagine they are ready to throw on a fashionable faux-fur coat and go off to a party where they will nibble on fancy hors d’oeuvres and drink champagne from beautiful, crystal flutes.

I like the idea of dresses.  Of seeing the same models wearing flowing, pastel-colored dresses in summer flyers.  Their bare feet are in cute sandals, their shiny hair swings free. Makeup is minimal because it’s summer, time to leave all that behind and enjoy the heat and sunshine unencumbered. Their look is natural and carefree. The sophistication of stockings and heels is gone but they are beautiful all the same – just in a different way.

I like the idea of dresses. But I don’t actually like wearing them. I have one or two hanging in my closet, bought for special occasions and never worn again. Lined up below them on the closet floor is a pair of  the requisite black high heels. But I prefer the feel of denim on my legs (full-length or shorts, depending on the season) topped with a warm cozy sweater and colorful scarf in winter and light and airy T-shirt in summer.  I guess I’m just not a “dress kind of girl”.

4 thoughts on “#SoCS – I Like the Idea of Dresses …

  1. I used to love dresses as a little girl, but they were our only choice at the time. I did like to twirl in them. Right now I have a “funeral dress” that I wear to funerals. I also have an Easter dress. That’s it. Jeans and sweaters, shorts and tshirts otherwise.

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