Trick or Treat Recollections

Trying to stay patient weeks before

While shopping with the kids for costumes

Only to get home and my daughter wails,

“But I wanted to be a pirate!”

“You’re a girl,” answers my son,

Dressed in his pirate costume.

“ You can’t be a pirate.”

“She can be a pirate,” I reply.

“But this year she chose to be a skeleton.”

Buying enough candy for the neighbourhood kids.

Turning a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern

With a candle in its gutted centre

Lighting up its grin.

Rushing home after work for a quick dinner.

Arguments about warm clothes under costumes.

Walking through the darkened streets

Filled with witches, goblins and monsters.

Coming home with kids on a sugar high

Sorting candy, then getting them off to bed

Before crashing on the couch to watch TV

With one mini candy bar from each child.

Gawd, I miss it!

4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Recollections

  1. We always went out in packs of kids. I never encountered parents taking kids around until we moved into our present home. I guess it is safer and less chance for mischief. But I sure loved roaming at night with a group of kids.


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