To your health!

Health issues and bad weather/road conditions have meant that our New Year’s Eve plans have been cancelled, but I am fine with that. I prefer that we all stay safe at home instead of venturing out onto the roads and that my friends who have come down with nasty colds rest and recuperate.

I don’t have any resolutions but I do have one very fervent wish:  Good health for my family, my friends and myself.  There are things we can all do to improve our chances of staying healthy. It wouldn’t hurt for me to cut back on sugar or that second glass of wine on the weekend. But since I already eat fairly well and exercise, that’s about all I can reasonably do. The key word is “reasonably” because I know I am never going to become a vegan, eat a raw food diet, exercise every day without fail etc. But even all of that is no guarantee against sickness and sometimes it comes down to luck and wishing.

This year at the cancer wellness centre where I work, I met a young couple in their thirties. They were building their careers and future together when, last year, BOTH were diagnosed with cancer within a month. I also met a remarkable woman who just turned 50 and who is full of life – she is a wife, mother to two teenage boys, a teacher, a radio host, a writer, an actor and she recently took up guitar. Aggressive breast cancer slowed her down for a while, but didn’t keep her there.  And I crossed paths with dozens of others who are taking one day at the time as they try to live well with and through cancer. Why do I bring them up? Because for almost all of them, the cancer was random. They weren’t smokers or heavy drinkers. They weren’t exposed to any more pollution, pesticides or toxic materials than you and I are. Sometimes it’s just not fair.

So, my husband and I will be enjoying bouchées and bubbly by the fire to ring in the new year. And instead of making a resolution, I am making a wish for health, the best gift of all. Cheers – wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

8 thoughts on “To your health!

  1. It is sad that at the moment people seem to be blamed for their cancers. Having lost non smoking friends to lung cancer and exercising friends to breast cancer I am frustrated at this turn of events. Perhaps people need to think they have much more control than we really do.

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  2. Staying in with someone you love is always a good NYE plan, in my book. And thankfulness is always a good virtue to cultivate. May you have much to be thankful for in 2020.


  3. Thanks Linda for an uplifting post. I’m gearing up for treatment myself and it’s reassuring to see that you work with so many who are staying strong through it. I hope I get to interact with someone caring like you when I start.


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