#SoCS: Strange new world

Written for Linda G. Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”.
This week’s prompt is the word “wire”.

The newswire was no doubt humming all  week. Each day brought something new about the infamous Coronavirus. It has been in the news for a few weeks, since it began in China, but on Tuesday night, I felt a shift in the way it was being covered in the media. My spidey sense was tingling and I just knew it was going to morph into an even bigger story than it was.

I texted my boss and asked if we should prepare a statement and a plan of action. There were only a very few reported cases in Quebec, but as a cancer wellness centre, we deal with a vulnerable population. We decided to wait and see. But my spidey sense was right and on Friday, we sat around the conference table and made a decision.

Our faces were glum as we reached a consensus.  We could not take a chance that someone who had been unknowingly exposed to the virus would come to the Centre and expose many others with compromised immune systems. We had to close for at least two weeks as many other schools, municipalities and organizations were doing. Our faces were glum as we prepared the message to be sent by mass email.

Outside, the sky was slate gray and the rain was pelting the windows so hard, it looked as if we might all need an arc to get home.  I checked my phone and saw a text message from my husband. He had been to the grocery store and by 10 am, many shelves were empty, and the check-out line snaked around the store.  Panic was setting in and it was every man for himself. Another local big-box store had temporarily closed because customers were fighting among themselves. I felt the weight on my shoulders grow heavier. Many say that humans are still similar to wild animals in the jungle where it is survival of the fittest. We are hard-wired to see to our own needs and let the weakest fend for themselves.

Then I saw a post on my social media feed. It was on a group page devoted to residents of our town and someone was offering to pick up groceries, medication or other necessities for anyone who was sick and/or quarantined. Yesss! It made me smile and it restored my faith in mankind.

Have you found a ray of hope in this new, Coronavirus-filled world where we are all forced temporary residents?

10 thoughts on “#SoCS: Strange new world

  1. I totally agree – there feels like there’s been a shift in emphasis. Here in the UK we’ve gone from ‘Contain’ to ‘Delay’ – and I’ve gone from thinking ‘It’ll never happen to me’ to thinking ‘There’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t happen to me’. Particularly as I work in a people-facing role!!
    Take care and stay safe and well.

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  2. I am eternally grateful that the ground has thawed and there is no snow. Amazingly unusual for New England in March. My husband has been digging up the annual beds. My seeds arrived in the mail today. Of course they will have to wait. Meanwhile I have been able to meet up with a friend at a time and take long walks outdoors. Today’s brisk walk took my insanity and panic to calm in 45 minutes.


  3. My brother resides in a Nursing Home. This past week the Nursing Home decided to close to visitors to protect the residents from infection. I was worried my brother was frightened or depressed and I spoke with the Social Worker who said they would make more frequent visits to my brother to check on him and offer support.


    • I hope he is OK. My Mom’s nursing home still allows visitors but we have to fill out forms attesting that we have not travelled, come in contact with anyone with the virus, etc. These are truly strange times for everyone. Thank you for reading and chiming in. P.S. I really like the name of your blog!

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  4. I’ve been to the store twice this week (with WAY too many other people) and it’s pretty tense, but each time I’ve spotted at least one small act of kindness that made me feel a little more hopeful that we haven’t lost ourselves entirely.

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