There’s no fooling them

It’s early October but it feels like a beautiful, summer day. It’s a balmy 20 degrees and the sun is making its presence felt.  A light breeze, like a mischievous child, runs playfully through the leaves and they rustle, as if bristling in annoyance.

I hear them long before I see them.  I scan the sky, but all I see is blue. Then, like an apparition, a v-formation of black dots is winging its way towards me.  There must be hundreds of them. The closer they get, the louder they get until they sound like a big, boisterous choir singing their hearts out, every one of them off key. I’ve always wondered how the same sound can be so sweet in the spring and so sad in the fall.

Within seconds, the geese are past me and heading south. “Don’t go,” I whisper because I know what their departure foreshadows.  “It’s 20 degrees outside, don’t you feel the warmth?”  But they ignore me and keep flying to their winter destination.

I can’t fool them. They know this summer-like weather is a fleeting illusion. The riot of crimson, deep golden yellow and fiery orange leaves on the trees are proof. And while a few diehard plants are in bloom, most have shed their colorful summer petals and curled into dried wisps of brown.

So, there is no escaping it.  The geese are leaving; fall is here and winter will follow. Have a safe trip my feathered friends and see you in the spring.

6 thoughts on “There’s no fooling them

  1. This is the way I feel at the end of summer …as I dread winter. Your descriptions are lovely. I can see the last remaining flowers, the geese overhead & can smell autumn in the air, even on the warm day you describe. You bring about such vivid, lovely visuals. This was a joy to read.

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  2. Perhaps it that I live substantially south of you, but I look forward to the start of winter. I enjoy the crisp, sometimes biting air and that blast of warmth when I come in from outside. I get pretty sick of it by the first of February, but by then spring is coming up on the horizon.

    And I can’t stand the geese. They enjoy some legal protections in the States, and they act like they know it. They are nasty and aggressive. Good riddance! And yes, I understand that I am probably in a small minority within your audience.


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