This post is written for the Day 9 prompt of the Bloganuary challenge:
What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I have a confession to make. Most people think I’m smarter than I actually am. That’s because I cultivate an “air” of intelligence.  It’s not that hard, really.  I’m tall and practice good posture so that I can look dignified.  I don’t know why but that makes people think you’re smart. Go figure! But the real key to looking very smart is not talking too much.

People who want to show they’re intelligent are too insistent about it.  They talk too much because they’re eager to let people see how much they know. They also cut people off in conversations, which just make them look rude. In short they may be very smart, but their bad manners are what people notice, not their superior intellect.

Others who sell themselves short are those who let their emotions run away with them.  When they talk about a subject they’re passionate about, they get loud and maybe a tad hysterical.  And they go on and on without letting anyone else get a word in. Watch them at a party. The more they  talk, the more the people around them give each other not-so-discreet signals to move on. It’s time to talk to someone else who might be a little less, well, fanatical.

So, yeah, the key to looking smart is staying on the quiet side. You also have to be careful to keep your head in a neutral position. Nod and people think you’re agreeing with them. Shake your head, even ever so slightly, and they think you are disagreeing. This could lead them to ask you what you think and you don’t want that.  But if they do, just keep your answer vague and throw in some big words. (Everyone knows a few). What you want is to look aloof and let people believe that you are intellectually a cut above them. And if you succeed, well then, maybe you are.


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