It’s a dog’s life

I was stopped at a red light today when I saw movement from the left corner of my eye. I turned to see the passenger window of the car to my left glide down and the curly, russet-coloured head of a Labradoodle appear. The dog poked its big, wet, black nose out the window and gave me a friendly look. (Don’t ask me how I knew it was friendly, I just did.)

Then he tilted his nose skyward and sniffed the air as if it were the best thing he had ever smelled. His eyes almost closed in pleasure. The light turned green and the driver edged ahead. The dog leaned hard out the window, looking forward with his big ears flapping in the wind behind him. He turned to look back at me again and he was grinning that big, silly grin that dogs do.

That was it – a big silly smile lit up my face too! It also got me to thinking that it’s not always a bad thing to “live like an animal”.

A few days ago, I wrote about how watching my “senior” mare gave me insight into aging gracefully. Today this dog reminded me of that all-important lesson so many of us are trying to learn right now: live in the moment.

The dog wasn’t reviewing a “to-do” list in his head or worrying about things he can’t control. He was just having a good old time sniffing the air and feeling the wind whip through his fur. I decided to take a page from his book; I rolled my window down, turned the radio on and enjoyed the ride.

7 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life

  1. What a wonderful post. I could visualize EVERY word you wrote about the dog. I LOVE the way you ended the post. It’s sad that so many of us don’t learn the “dog lesson of life” without something coming along, causing an AH HA moment when life seems threatened & waking us up. But then again, having that happen is far better than never having it happen at all. Cats can be good at teaching us lessons about life, too. Our 16 year old cat sleeps a lot so this morning I took a life lesson from her & went back to bed & slept 45 more minutes..


  2. Cute. I think we all need to roll our windows down more often and turn the radio on. Live in the moment for sure. Think I will follow your lead today and enjoy this lovely day. Thanks

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  3. Two days ago when we walked up to the library the maintenance woman had just finished mowing the lawn. There is nothing like the first smell of mowed grass in New England! I did stop and just inhale the wonderfulness of it. I must be part dog.

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  4. Your ending reminded me of an old video/tik tok maybe? of a man cruising on a skateboard, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice out of the bottle. He somehow just captured a “moment” – moments that we all look for. You found it.

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