St-Lazare, Quebec

Bio: Freelance writer, fundraiser, friend, mother, wife, zumba enthusiast and owner of one stubborn Canadian mare and one orange tabby. Recently I was reading a celebrity profile in a women's magazine. The article talked about her fears, guilty pleasures, body image issues, relationships, etc. But as I was reading, I realized that I don’t know what the beautiful, intelligent women in my life think about some of these things. So I sat down and made a list of 52 women I know – but that I want to get to know better. In the next year, I'll talk to each one to get to know her views, likes, fears, etc. better. Then I'll pick an important story in our history, add photos and introduce one great lady each week through this blog. Maybe you'll know some of them too. Or maybe there's someone in your life just like one or more of these fabulous women!

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    • Hi,
      Thanks so much for the nomination and I’m sorry for the delay in responding. Work and life have taken up some of my blogging time, but I plan to get right back into it, starting with answers related to the Award and nominations of other blogs in the next few days. Thanks again!


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