“Dad-isms” – #JusJoJan Prompt Day 6: Caught

“You chased her ’till she caught you,” my Dad said when my brother announced that he was getting married. He said it with a twinkle in his blue eyes and a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth and it made us all laugh.

My father had several “Dad-isms” that he repeated often throughout our lives. Many are funny in retrospect because they are obsolete.  I’ve blogged about some of them before including these two which, coincidentally,  both relate to a dime :

“Always carry a dime on you so you can call home in an emergency.”
Well, phone booths have gone the way of the dinosaur and cell phones cost parents a lot more than a dime!

“That and ten cents will get you a cup of coffee.”
He used this one when we were impressed with something that he thought was foolish or worthless. Since you could buy a cup of coffee for a dime back then, he made his point very clearly.

My Dad has  been gone over 20 years now and I still miss him and his Dad-isms.

Written for JusJoJan word prompt for Day 6:  Caught.

To walk with my father again


“Dad’s had another heart attack and it looks bad. You’d better come quickly,” my brother said when I picked up the phone on a gloomy November evening. I drove across the city as fast as I could but didn’t make it in time. When I arrived at my parent’s house I saw the flashing red lights of the yellow ambulance driving away into the dark, drizzly November night. I followed it to the hospital only to be told my Dad was gone, and they were preparing a room where we could say our last good-byes.

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